Meditations on SoundCloud

On Soundcloud, an online music service for distributing audio files, various meditations of up to 15 minutes in length are freely available.

The meditations listed below are mentioned in the WEG book and can be played directly in the browser at this point.

ACT Reset (02:05)

Short meditation practice with three deep breaths to fully arrive in the present moment.

ACT Mindful Breathing (02:34)

Let’s start the day with a short meditation practice. Two minutes of mindful breathing will help you to focus and is a great way to calm down before having a difficult conversation.

ACT Wishing Ourselves And Others Well (03:14)

Since many of the challenges we face in our daily lives are related to people, we can increase our empathy and kindness with this short exercise.

ACT Body Scan (06:33)

Our own moods, likes and dislikes are always challenging us and others. We can learn to notice them without getting carried away into spontaneous action. With this short BodyScan we can train our awareness in the body to recognize emotions as they arise.

ACT Open Awareness (05:00)

With this practice, you can build the ability to stay present and observe what can be perceived in the moment. Thoughts, physical sensations, an emotion, or maybe an insight may come up. Instead of getting lost in thoughts about any of these experiences, try to remain an observer.

ACT Focused Attention (05:00)

With this practice you will develop the ability to stay focused on one thing. You practice with the breath, knowing that it represents an object that can be replaced by another object in everyday activities, for example, in conversation with my counterpart.

ACT Gratitude (08:48)

Gratitude can generate an incredible amount of strength, resilience and joy if we approach it consciously and with small steps.

The moment we feel gratitude, we automatically focus on what we have, instead of what we don’t have. We connect with abundance instead of lack, feel joy instead of resentment, respond with generosity instead of jealousy or envy.

ACT Walking Meditation (06:01)

You do not have to sit still to meditate. Find out how to can find your inner balance with a walking meditation. See if each step can be stable and light at the same time.

ACT Just like me and kindness (05:33)

Just-like-me helps to focus on similarities rather than differences, and when combined with intentional kindness, this meditation is a wonderful way to create connectedness, inner peace, and tranquility.